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Just woken up from one of those horrible dreams that seem so real, and in which you are going to die. I’ve never been one to recognise when I was dreaming anyway, so I fully believe that that is it, life is over. It really did seem so real, so vivid. All I was doing was going about life, and then I heard a rumble in the distance, and thinking it was thunder, I stood on a bench to look out across the fields to the distance. Then there was a high pitched whistle/shriek as I saw so, something bright flying through the air, followed by the sound of it impacting the ground someway off from my right. As the shock wave hit I thought, “oh shit, I’m going to die”, and I swear I could actually feel heat. That was it, I woke up in bed in my grandparents house, too afraid to move for a good twenty minutes, as all I could do was watch the time move positions across my lockscreen on my phone on the table. Finally , managed to move now, but have had to plug in the bedside lamp, like a child, to even feel comfortable enough to be writing this. It’s too quiet here, I’m not used to it, so it means that, particularly in this sort of hyper-aware anxious state, I can hear every little sound. Like the plug. Who knew plugs made a sound, but they do (or I hope they do, else like, am going to be murdered by the king of high pitched noises that are inaudible unless you stay still).

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